lock down questions????


12 Years
Jan 20, 2011
Delavan, Wi
OK tomorrow night we will officially be going into lock down. i have one incubator in the basement which is around 55 degrees and sometimes it has a hard time regulating the temperature. i also have one incubator in my room which is around 65 degrees and has been holding the temperature really well the whole time. So should i move all my eggs to the basement or my room? I also think there may be more humidity in the basement? but im not sure! any advice would be greatly appreciated:lol:!
You need to put your bators where they will best hold a 99.5 degrees you can always add water to increase the humidity if needed. Good Luck.
Good call. It needs to be in a place where the incubator heater can maintain the right temperatures. Some might be able to handle 55 degrees but many cannot.

Those incubator heaters have trouble keeping up with big temperature swings. It needs to be in a place where the temperature is fairly steady, not in a draft like a vent blowing on it, and not in direct sunlight.

Welcome to the adventure!

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