Lockdown: Ducklings and chickies


11 Years
Mar 14, 2009
Springfield, OR
We're only on day 17 for the chicken eggs, but last night while candling we saw shadows poking through the inner membranes of the duck eggs. They're all together because I inherited the duck eggs about 2 weeks ago and had no idea when they were due to hatch. Amazingly, we had just finished constructing our homemade incubator and had it up and running with a few of our own chicken eggs when we got the new arrivals.

I've got the humidity at 70% and notice the temperature is creeping up, but I'm trying not to hover. There is one with the air cell on the side that I have some concerns about, but others have said they can hatch fine that way.. Please keep your fingers crossed and send a blessing our way!

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