Lockdown- how can I tell if they're still alive?

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11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
Othello, WA
Today is day 19. Rocking in 1 egg out of 4, yesterday. Today, nothing.
The only thing to mention is that when I put them on lockdown yesterday, I took out the auto turner and fan, and set the eggs on the rack. I added water in the channels. Anyway, the temp dropped and wouldnt come back up for 24 hours when I finally adjusted the temp. So it was at 88 degrees for roughly 24 hours. Did that kill them?
When you add water at lockdown make sure it is warm water, not cold! They are probably okay, but you can candle if you are worried. I don't open the incubator any more than I have to, but if I do, I spray the inside lightly with WARM water to keep the humidity up.
I just wanted to update. Today is day 21 and I have 2 that have hatched out. I did candle on day 19 and could clearly see that 2 were alive and had pipped internally and were moving. I put those two on the right side of the bator.. the other 2 eggs looked to have died, but I kept them on the left side of the bator and got the humidity to about 60-65%- it had spiked up to 85%

On day 20, one of the eggs on the right side pipped and hatched with no problems, followed by one of the ones I thought had died
. But today, the remaining two havent done anything so I think they might be a lost cause, but not sure. I'll keep them going for another few days.
The one thing I did notice is that both chicks that hatched were super wet. I did the dry hatch method this time, but I think that day and a half of 85% humidity really did a number on them. Thinking maybe that other egg that was alive at day 19 drowned
. Next time I will have to make sure it doesnt get over about 60-65%.

Anyway, so I guess to answer my own question, there really isnt any way to tell for sure if a chick is still alive at lockdown, except to just wait and see. One of the ones I thought had died, hatched- and one that I KNOW was alive at lockdown appears to have died.

Thanks for the input to those who replied.
rebelcowboysnb- thanks for the info about the fan. I didnt realize it wreaked so much havoc with the temps but now I will know better.
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