Lockdown is tomorrow!

Same here lockdown tomorrow. Our last hatch was very successful 16/16 chicken eggs and 2/4 guinea eggs (which we thought were bantams eggs lol). Hoping this one the same way.
Oooohhhhh.... Keep me posted on your hatch and I will so the same. I'm waiting for my 5 year old Granddaughter to get here today to help me move them to the hatcher...we had to buy another incubator because I bought some maran and welsummer eggs last weekend and added them to my incubator. My Granddaughter loves the chickens and is the reason I have them to begin with...lol. She helped with setting the eggs last time around and this time. She loves when we first candle the eggs and she sees that little black dot dancing around. She is coming Friday night to stay the weekend for the hatching. I checked them all last night and they all looked great...19 eggs and hoping for better success hatching this to time. I just have to leave that incubator closed this time:) I was ignorant to how important that part was and the humidity was just too low during hatching. This time we are trying the egg carton hatching on some of the eggs to see how we like that method:) good luck. Locking mine down after lunch today.
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Good Luck to you too. In this batch we have barnyard mixes (Silver Laced Wyandotte/Australorp mixes). I believe 25 eggs. At last candle they were all looking great. Our lockdown will be around 5pm tonight.
Got our first hatch yesterday (day 20). I spent most of the night at work so I just made it in but it looks like 18 hatched so far and 7 left to go!

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