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    What is lockdown? I'm pretty sure I know, but want my thoughts confirmed. Also, what should temp/humidity be during? If I have eggs due on 3 different consecutive days, how will "lockdown" be affected?

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    Lockdown is the last three days of incubation! During that time you do not turn the eggs anymore! The temp is kept at 99.5 and humidity raised to 65% - 70%! I also have eggs hatching 3 different days and was told to get a second still air incubator ($45) for each lockdown set! My hatches are the 17th, 22nd and 29th of January with the ducks taking the longest! If your hatches are one each day in a row then i'm not quite sure how that would work for lockdown! Hope I helped at least alittle!
  3. What I would do is have a spray can of water, and when you open the incubator to get the chicks out give the unhatched eggs a squirt of water. This should keep the eggs moist enough so the hatch isn't affected if you 'break' lockdown. [​IMG] Another word of advice, try not to put eggs in the inc. so close in time to one another. I usually go for three to ten days before I set each batch. [​IMG] Hope I helped.

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