Lockdown with Robo's eggs *They're hatching*


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May 15, 2010
This is my first quail hatch attempt. I have 29 eggs that made it to lockdown. The temp is at 100* forced air and the humidity is at 59%. I left the eggs in the racks so they are still sitting upright. I went to the feed store this morning and bought some game bird chick starter that is 27% protein. Does all of this sound good? I am open to any pointers. I want this hatch to be a success. Did I gorget to mention, I'm excited??? I know you can't leave the babies in the bators as long as you can chicks so I am prepared for that. I will be setting up their brooder this evening (after DH finishes it for me. Won't take him 10 minutes.) What did I miss?
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No, medicated is bad. Good Luck!
The protein is 27% and it is about the size of chicken crumble. I was gonna run it through the foor processor before giving it to them.
I've yet to understand and see indications of this being true, Robo. My supplier carries Nutrena Quail/Turkey Starter with 30% protein, and it's medicated. I've never seen any symptoms of this being a bad feed for my chicks. I've even given it to grown "breeding" birds, and have never seen any "red flags" indicating problems. I keep seeing "medicated feed is bad" on here, but apparently, I'm "lucking out" of the negative impact. A friend, whom I got my first chicks from a couple of years ago, starts all of his quail chicks out on this, and he's never had any issues that made him question the medicated feed as being harmful (and he's got poulty of all kinds, including Bobwhites galore. Just searching for some backing that "medicated is bad"..........
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