In the Brooder
8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
Norfolk, UK
Day 18 today turned the eggs this morning for the last time! refilled both sides with water so fingers crossed i get some chickys soon!!
Arrr its like waiting to have a baby!!! sooooo exciting yet soooo nervous!!!! Fingers crossed for you too let me know when things start your end! x
LOL... it is worse..

What are you hatching??
i have 2 White Crested Standard Polish in the incubator and 3 of them under a Silkie hen in the barn. At least I.m gettin my exercise goin back and forth (house
barn) ha ha
I have 4 eggs in my bator.. the mothers are either black rocks or 3/4 sussex lights their father either barred plymouth rock or sussex light!! So abit of an assortment!!
I brought them off ebay would have had 6 but candled 2 darker eggs thinking they were empty cracked them and saw veins
Felt awful for days after i keep taking a peek through the top of the bator its hard to stop yourself lifting the lid and having a nose!! I have no thermometer with my little covatutto incubator so just keeping my fingers crossed i have just orderd a new one Brinsea Eco only its not the right one!! i wanted the mini advance so am trying to talk the lady on ebay into giving me a refund so i can get the right one but she is not budging!! grrr!! x

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