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    Nov 27, 2014
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    I am having the worst day, it is lockdown and I have just gone to add water to raise the humidity and my twin egg which is still alive I just cracked and not a little a lot of tiny cracks below the air cell. The was no blood and the chicks are still moving a tiny bit, they haven't been moving much anyway cause it is extra squishy in there. I was already hoping against the odds that this one would hatch but jeez something is working against this one.

    On top of this I had gotten quite ill while school shopping with kids, I had also organised a few days ago to pick up 2 new Frizzle hens, I go to pick them up and they are in horrible conditions, poop 5 inches thick, stinky, so thin you can feel every bone one of them had a crop full of air and what she called molting however this could not be molting because molting does not contain pus I felt so bad for them and disgusted with her I bought all 4 Frizzles she had including 2 Roo's. I already have boys I really didn't need more I figure I am gonna fatten them up, fix up their wounds prob take about a month and I already know someone who has a farm who has been admiring my Frizzle boy.

    Anyway bad day I woke up thinking Ill get the kids school stuff, go pick up 2 beautiful new breeding Frizzle Hens and then put my eggs into lockdown have a quiet Friday night with a movie and then wake up tomorrow for my Birthday and have all day with my kids and Hubby.

    So instead I have had a day of nausea and cold sweats, buying 4 chooks instead of 2 and they were not even worth the price I paid. Then spending 2 hours bathing them trying to get all the poop out of what feathers they did have and spraying an antiseptic treatment all over them, while building a temp makeshift pen far away from my chooks because I don't want them anywhere near my healthy chooks.

    Im gonna go to bed and just hope tomorrow is better and my babies still hatch in a few days. Fingers crossed for my hatch and especially my twin chicky's.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your bad day![​IMG]Your twin egg may very well be okay, especially if the membrane didn't break and you still see them moving. I set an egg that was cracked (not through the membrane) and it has survived and developed normally to lockdown, which was yesterday.

    Good luck with the twin egg! Keep us updated as to whether it hatches or not- I think that it would be very interesting if it hatches, considering how rare it is for a double yolker to hatch.
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    Sorry to hear about your bad day :hugs Seems just like one thing after another for you. I hope the twin egg makes it for you and the 4 frizzles you rescued are up to full health and weight soon. I've experienced the same thing as you where that is concerned. I could have bought everything just to get them out of there. I'm convinced they were only cleaned out because I was going to view. Unfortunatly I just didn't have the space for more.

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your hatch and hope you have a better day tomorrow :fl

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