locking hens in for winter.


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
i know this is really early but i just want to be prepared. I am going to lock my chickens in to 2 different sheds i decided wich one would go in wich shed looking at the pecking order and i was just wondering if there is any thing i would have to do whilst they are locked in there sheds?
well they dont go out any ways because snow gets up to my hips and they dont go out side so i wanted to lock them into make sure they are safe for the winter.
I'm in western PA and I close up my coop during the really cold days and open their access door on sunny days. I have a covered run which I cover on 2 sides during the winter to keep the breeze down and some snow out. They enjoy the nicer days in the fresh air so you might want to consider a sheltered outside area.
Well - obviously check on them daily to make sure they have unfrozen water and plenty of food. I would put in extra roosts and maybe even things like tree stumps and such - anything to help keep boredom at bay, because bored, stressed chickens tend to get ugly - feather pecking and worse. Do the sheds have windows?? If not, then put lights on a timer so they have a night/day. Is this the kind of thing you're asking about??
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well they live in a really big feild and i dont want them to get stuck in the snow or it would die before the time i had found it so i was thinking of buying some fencing and making a little run and letting them in the run through the day and then locking them in at night and then wen the snow is all gone let them back into there feild?
yes i just want them to be entertained and i was going to put some things the are filled with cabbage and other greens for them to peck at
We too are going to set up a frame with just a tarp - nothing fancy to keep snow off of part of their run. I do not want them indoors all winter. They enjoy any speck of sunshine there is and the fresh air is good for them. They do not mind winter temps at all. With no deep snow on the ground, they come out willingly every day, except in high winds. They can also go underneath their coop (it is elevated 2 feet) and they feel cozy under there. Unless your sheds are HUGE, they will bored, bored unhappy birds in there all winter.
they will not be there all winter ive decided now to make some runs for them to get let into every day then when i clean them out i will be there for a couple of hours so they will have the opotunity to go in the feild but i doubt they will because its really high snow
Yeah, if you get a few feet of snow, I'd want them close too. Because you're right - they could get buried if they just hunkered down somewhere, caught in a snow storm. A run to keep them near for the winter months is a good idea.

Oh - and make sure they have more than one feeder avialable, set well apart. That way if being cooped up causes irritation, lower ranking birds have access to food too.

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