Log Cabin Coop is almost done!


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7 Years
Dec 26, 2012
This past Sunday we got the bulk of the coop and the enclosure done. My log cabin coop was a Christmas present from my in-laws. My FIL designed and built the entire thing from some rough sketches and plans I had sent. I still need to stain the coop (barn red with beige trim) and we need to secure the enclosure, build the chicken escape hatch for when they can free range and the list goes on....

There are 2 nesting boxes, a beautiful roosting ladder and a skylight on the inside! There will be a tire dusting area underneath and a large fenced in enclosure for them for regular use, we plan to free range a few times a week, and then in the off-gardening season they will be allowed into the garden enclosure which is a 30x30 area.

Door w/ ladder into their "yard"

Nest Box view... Garden enclosure is to the left, the run directly adjoins and there will be a gate from the garden into the run.

Can't really see in this picture, but on the "garden" side of the coop, there is a handle that my FIL designed so that the entire side wall of the coop can come off for easy access for cleaning and what not.

Here are the girls last night. They LOVE to pose for the camera.

And this is Foley & Riss checking on their new friends.



8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
What a great coop!!! And your girls are adorable xx


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Sep 7, 2010
So cute! :-D I want to redo the exterior of my coop in rough logs. But will be stuck just painting it instead since we don't have a sawmill :)

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