Lone baby chick...advice please?


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Hi, I am wondering if anybody can help me please, im very new to all this?

My husband has just hatched his first chick in an incubator, he had 6 eggs but only one turned out to be fertile.
I have a concern about it being a lone chick and wonder if this is a little cruel??? We do have a broody chicken and
my husband has mentioned giving her the chick but i wasnt sure this would work as she hasnt spent the time
sitting on any eggs for a long length of time first. Can anyone confirm whether this would be possible?

Thanks in advance :)
You can put your chick in with the hen. In fact, I would highly recommend it unless you can get the chick a buddy. Wait until dark and put the chick under the hen.
Oh man I wish I had a broody hen right now - I kinda have the same problem...except my lone chick came as a rescue.

How many days has she been broody? The closer she is to the 21 days, the better chance you have or her taking the chick. What breed is your hen? Some are more motherly than others.

You can give it a shot...just make sure you have a safe place for the hen and chick away from the rest of the flock and supervise until you are sure she will take the chick
Thats great thank you...the chick is in a brooder at the moment and my husband was thinking of bringing our broody into the house
to introduce them as we have other hens and also one thats had her own babies that are currently in the spare coop...do u think this would be ok initially?
She has been broody for approximately 2 weeks now and she is a Buff Pekin...im just not sure whether to bring her to the chick to they
are away from the others initially. Shes a lovely chicken and loves being picked up and cuddled :)

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