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    Feb 28, 2017
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    Hey guys, I adopted a wobbly chick (very twisted legs) and his hatch sister who I was told to have to keep him calm and social, he showed slight improvement but unfortunately the little guy gave up last night and I'm left with a very needy lone lady. She's barely 2 weeks old and far too small and young to introduce into my friends flock (also I read you're not supposed to add just one)
    My emergency is I cannot find anyone local (Cambridgeshire UK) that will sell a group of chicks of a similar age. One place told me nobody would sell chicks. Is that a thing?
    Will she be ok on her own. I work in a school and they are ok with me bringing her to work.
    Also no vets near me do vaccinations, they have all said it's a breeder thing only. Ugh.
    It's my first chicken experience and it's becoming rather traumatic!

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    If you got a brooder with 95 degree heat on one end----just a small regular 40 watt bulb hanging low is all you need---check the temp with a thermometer----food and water on the unheated end the chick will be fine home alone----give it some attention when you get in----keep your eyes open for a chick but do not let it stress you. I have raised chicks alone many times in my years. No need to take it to work with you---that might stress it more.
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