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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jess22, Mar 21, 2017.

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    Oct 17, 2016
    Ok so I've been trying to hatch duck eggs and they just constantly kept dying on me. I had 3 in the incubator but due to knowing they wouldn't make it out of despiration I went to tractor supply to get babies. I got 4 which I think are Peking. Well low and behold 3 1/2 weeks later 1 of the eggs hatched. The Peking are around 4-5 weeks old now and huge. I was wondering if and when I can put the baby in with the others to prevent loneliness. I have their pens near each other and they here one another but I feel bad. And what should I do for the baby to keep him happy until he can be with the others?
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    Feb 15, 2017
    You can put her in for a while and keep an eye on her. If somthing happens pull her out.
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    Hold the baby in your lap so you can protect him but the other pekins can see the baby. 4-5 weeks is still a duckling and ducklings are better at making friends than adults. Supervised play time is my recommendion. Slowly give more and more time together including swim time. Soon they'll be best buds.
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    I would find another baby to give to your single duckling. I have not had luck introducing that tiny of ducklings to 4-5 week olds.
    We had 5 week olds all ended up being drakes- diff breeds. And got 3 day olds, and the 5 week olds tried to grab them by the neck/throat. It actually happened but i was close enough to grab it.
    So if you try it do it very slowly and only supervised. Im sure some have had an easier transition than i did.
    Waiting till the new duckling is a few weeks old will make it much safer!
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    Integration is inevitable, but a buddy would be good. The longer you wait to integrate, the harder it will be. That's just my experience
  6. What I did was put wire between them so they could see each other....Hang a mirror for the lonely Duckling so it has a friend to look at..Once it gets bigger and they are used to each other let them mingle.....It works great...No need to buy another Duckling....:);)

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