Lone Hen Needing a New Home


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Dec 22, 2017
Suwanee, GA
Hi there,
I have (had) two backyard chickens. Sad to day that one was sick and had to be euthanized today. Looking for a new home for her friend who Is scared and lonely. Her name is Chica, and she is more of a passive follower. Please text me at 404-754-4491 if you would be willing to provide a new home with fellow friends.
We're in Douglasville & would be interested in her if it's not too far away. We had a flock of 6 all born in June but have lost 2 girls so we're looking for more.
Oh hi, Douglasville would be fine. I live in Suwanee. Sorry to hear about losing your two girls.

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Um. You should delete your phone number from here and start a conversation with the other person. Click on their name then click conversation.
Agreed- as great as BYC is, it's a public forum, and having your phone # posted for anyone to see isn't the best idea.

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