Lone Muscovy Duck?? Does he need a buddy?


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Sep 16, 2009
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We have a muscovy drake named "Marty McFly". The neighbors down the road gave him to us when he followed my daughter home. We have 3 laying hens and 4 chicks but Marty is our only duck. The poor guy immediately established himself as the lowest bird on the totem pole. Even the chicks boss him around.

Should we adopt another duck to keep him company? Should it be another muscovy? I am not particularly interested in duck eggs or raising ducks so should we get another drake? Would that only cause drama for poor Marty? Should we adopt a female and just bake with duck eggs?

Help...totally out of my league with duck behaviors here. LOL


Mrs Fancy Plants
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Nov 4, 2008
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I'm in the same situation, just adopted a Muscovy and he's in with my chickens. They are working things out and he seems to think he's part of the flock, but the chickens aren't too sure about it. I have been planing to get Runners in the spring, but not sure what to do with the current duck when I get them. Hopefully someone will respond with answers. I know some have already suggested to get him some girlfriends, but i've also read that the Muscovies breed like crazy!

Cottage Rose

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Most critters like being with their own kind
and ducks are afterall a "flock" species
If you got another duck any would do.
Muscovy drakes will breed other breeds of ducks.
I would get a female duck since some drakes will fight ferociously and non stop sometimes even when no female is present.
If you don't want babies simply remove the eggs
from the nest.
Duck eggs are great for making baked goods and make the fluffiest pancakes ever.
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