lone ringneck dove..what could "he" be up to??


Off to another pond
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
I have a single "freeranged" ringneck dove, I think it's the male, "his" mate disapeared about..well, almost a week i havn't seen her, our nieghbor swears she's seen both of them in a tree in her yard, but i've only been seeing the one. he's here in the duck pen in the mornings, waiting for breakfast, then he's gone for nearly the intire day,but comes back once or twice to eat. then he's gone again, I don't know where he goes.

could it be possible that after MONTHS of trying to get them to raise eggs inside, that they WERE a pair, and have finally built a nest, and are setting a nest of eggs??

I want to get him another dove or two for company, I hate seeing him so lonely. but what are the likelyhood that his mate is still alive on a nest somewhere??

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