Lonely baby with pic and question about 'scovy colors


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
I had one lonely muscovy baby hatch last night.

I have other ducklings ranging in age from 3 weeks to about 7 weeks. I didn't think they had grown that much until this little guy was born.

He seems much to tiny to put in with the older ducklings.

What can I do to keep him happy and not lonely? Would a brooder right beside the other ducklings be okay until he gets a bit bigger and can fend for himself?

Any suggestions?

This little guy was a surprise. He is the only baby out of the 20 hatched so far that came out this pretty chocolate color, Anybody have pics of a similarly colored baby after they feathered out? I'm so curious what she will look like.
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I think a brooder next to the others would work out. Put a stuffed toy for her/him to cuddle with & I think some have put in a mirror. Scovies grow out fast and are nice big birds so you should be able to have him join the rest in about two weeks. I have 16 2wk olds right now and they run w/their mom and mix w/the 5-6wk old pretty well now. They got picked on when they were smaller so mom would take them off by themselves.
If you could find another Scovie or other duckling about the same age you could put them together.
Any excuse for another duck!
Yup...mirror and a turkey feather duster to snuggle under. I taped these items to the side of my brooder for my solo hatches. Also letting the new guy be able to see and hear the others will be nice. It might also make integration with the older ducklings easier later on.
aaawwwww only one thing to do in the case of this cute little one...you must immediately bring it to my house. yes yes that is the only way.

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