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Hi to you all from Australia. Firstly, thank you for your help with my adopted chicken Lolly who had been picked on by the rest of her chicken family next door. You'll probably all think I'm crazy but she is now living in a $400 AUS 2 storey chicken coop with a ramp up to the second storey where her laying box is.
I'm concerned about her being on her own though. I've spoken to a breeder here in Aus and she said that I wouldn't be able to introduce another chicken as Lolly is fully grown (10 months) and that bantams were known for not getting on unless they were raised together.
I would like to get her a pal but don't want her to get picked on again or have her pick on the new chicken. Do you think I could get another chicken and if so, should I get a young chicken Lolly could mother or one that's a bit closer in age to her. Should I get the same breed (pekin bantam) or another sort of bantam.
Thanks so much for your help
Could she hatch some fertilized eggs?(Has she ever gone broody?)---Maybe she could have those hatchlings to be "her company"...
My cochin made a great mother!
Hope you can figure out something for her--they really do need another one or 2 to be with!
Good Luck!
First I want to say welcome aboard here at backyard chickens. I would introduce her to some new bantams. I am sure she would like the company as chickens are a flock family. I wouldn't introduce her to very yound bantam chicks. I wouldn't worry about the new commers picking on your bird because they would be on new teritory. You could put the newcommers in a cage and put them inside with her and they can get used to each other without harming each other. Expect some infighting as this is how chickens sort out a pecking order, make sure they have a hiding place. I don't think the breed of bantams matters. I have seen bantams co exsist with standard birds and I have seen bantmas even bully big birds! Good luck
My cochin bantams have done very well with new additions to the flock. I don't think she should live alone, so I would try to get her some company. Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens
What a perfect question for me to read! Thank you for asking and welcome to BYC- its a great place to share, ask "foolish" questions, I doubt anyone chuckles (unless its one of those neat stories), well....maybe a bit, but that is ok cause someone else here probably has had the same thing!

Now, I have a 3 1/2 month old Cochin Bantam poulet that is living alone, with big chickens. The two of her litter mates were killed by the hawk recently and I wanted to get her a couple other "kids" to be with her, well I take the little boy out to introduce him and she looked at him like "Oh No You Didn't!!!"
wow, I was shocked how he ran and hid in the corner!!!
Unreal. Today I took them out to be in the grass and she jumped on him pecking the daylights out of him
. Holy Cow, what a snippie brat.
The little 2 week old chick seems to be ok, she hides, lol.
Please feel free to drop ideas and suggestions- I think we both need to understand this-
Hi Everyone
Thank you so much for getting back to me. Lolly is a pekin bantam. Do you think it would be best to get one much younger than her or closer to her in age (she is 10 months old). My husband thinks it's hilarious - Lolly was free and it's cost us over $600 AUS to set her up in what all our friends refer to as her mansion. I don't think she has been broody yet - how would I know.
Also I have another question if that's ok. She hasn't laid for the last 2 days. We have had a bush turkey lurking around near her pen sometimes around lunchtime which is when she usually lays. Could she be afraid of the bush turkey or could there be some other reason for her not laying. She has recovered from all her injuries and is now fat and fluffy and seems very healthy. I give her fresh laying mix and water each day and put dust around her coop when I change the sawdust in her laying box to keep the mites away. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
try getting a rooster her age, that way she wont pick on him. if she trys when he arrives. he will set her in her place. this way she has company AND you can have eggs fertilzed to hatch
. just watch the cochins (called pekin in aus. and UK) As with all of their feathers their fertility can be damged sometimes. and you have to go the route of Artifically (SP?) Inserting.. you know. or trimming vent feathers.
Thank you DTchickens, I have a younger roo. Eventually he will be opinionated enough to giver her a challange (I hope). I will keep exposing them to each other and with a much younger chick with him right now, perhaps it will give him the confidence he needs to stand up to my Penny.
Justine- good luck to you, guess we both learned a lot. From attitudes to name of the bird.
Interesting hobby we have, isn't it. Then the knowledge that some people have and retain!
take care!

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