Lonely Chicken?


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5 Years
Mar 1, 2014
I have just two pet chickens. We had three but recently lost our lead (rooster-like) hen to a predator.

Anyhow...my Australorp went broody yesterday (on a pile of wooden eggs that I had placed in the coop to deter egg-eating) and we are getting some hatching eggs today to put under her.

SOOO my question is this: Will my other hen get too lonely with the only other flock member sitting in the coop and brooding for the next three weeks? They tend to wander off on their own a bit since the lead chicken died. She kept them herded together but they still do probably spend at least half the day free-ranging side-by-side and then the night sleeping together on the roost. Any thoughts\ suggestions? THANKS!
Aw! i think they will still be okay. when my chickens go broody the others keep them company in the house sometimes. its like they come over for tea. The eventually get bored and go do what they do best... eat. :eek:)

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