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Oct 14, 2018
when I bought my chickens almost 6 years ago I was given a blind duck. I raised them together and all was fine until the duck was attached by a dog. She survived but has a severe limp. Then the chickens started pecking her. I moved her to a separate pen along with a sweet hen and all was fine. Almost a year ago the hen suddenly died. I was told by a grower not to replace the hen as a new chicken or duck would probably attack her. She said as long as the coops were close and the duck can hear the chickens she will be ok. Which she seems to be but I was wondering if that’s good advice?
Also, I lost 2 more chickens yesterday during the day when they were free range in the yard to a raccoon! So I now have one lonely surviving chicken. I can get another chicken for company (although I would rather get another duck as I love my duck) but now I’m afraid to let my birds out. Any advice?
If you don't want more chickens, maybe find your lonely girl a home and get more ducks.
Ducks are more accepting of one another.
The issue of the predator needs to be addressed though or you won't have any birds because once a predator finds an easy meal, they will be back.
Don't let your birds free range and lock them up until the predator is no longer a threat or you can prevent it from coming into your yard.
Thanks for the input. I’ve decided to get another chicken. Not sure if I should get a friend for my duck I would hate to see her picked on.
Thanks noflyback but I’m in Florida. That would be a long drive for a chicken.

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