Lonely Muscovy - help!


Jan 11, 2016
An abandoned Muscovy duckling came into our care 6 months ago and we decided to raise/love him and make a further decision on what to do when he was a bit older. Now at 6 weeks old he is my ultimate companion and I can't bear the thought of sending him to a duck farm or rehoming him.
At our house we are unable to have pets but luckily our landlord understood and has agreed to let us keep him (as long as no other pets join him). We built a beautiful coop outside including a pond, nesting area, worm farm etc - duck heaven!
The problem is that now we have tried to put him outside during the day he HATES it. He waits and claws at the fence all day and panics when we go to work which breaks my heart. All I can think of is little Luda while I'm at work and it's caused a lot of anxiety. He is too big to keep inside all day (he still sleeps/hangs out with us inside).
I feel like he needs a friend or I'm being cruel. What does everyone else think? Is it just the new change of scenery and will he will adapt?
Ducks aren't just social, they are flock animals. They need nearly constant companionship. I have heard of luck with stuffed animals and mirrors though.
Hello - what a beautiful duck!! This is a tough situation for sure but, he really does need a companion. It stinks though because he is really bonded to you already. Would it be possible to explain the problem to your landlord? That you didn't realize ducks NEED a companion and he's basically trying to escape his pen when you're at work? You can get him a male friend (doesn't have to be female). This way you can tell you landlord they won't have babies. That really may be his fear. Not so much you having two but that the two will lead to more (i.e. - a lot of ducks running around). The only other thing I can think of is getting him a ducky diaper (like through partyfowlpets.com and keep him inside. Like Vosh Sahall said, try mirrors and stuffed animals.
Go to sewsammi for diapers. It's in the buy and sell on here. She will actually work with you to get you the harness and diapers you need.

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