Lonely Pekin -Please help


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May 24, 2015
Hi - It is with a heavy heart I write asking for advice and help. We have a Pekin female ( CJ) and male Muscovy ( Steve) . Steve would occasionally fly next door or on top of our roof. We debated clipping him but decided against it as he never seemed to go far.
Sunday he fly on the roof and we have not seen him since. We are heartbroken :( Steve is such a funny duck and I miss him a lot.
CJ seems sad. She just stays in her pool. She doesn't want to come out of the pen. She seems to be eating fine.
My question is how long will be able to be alone? I live in Northern Michigan and am having a hard time finding any ducks around her age for sale. The options around here are slim to none. Will she be okay until we can get her a new friend? Does anyone know of places in the Traverse area to buy or adopt ducks?

I appreciate the help. I am having a hard time adjusting to Steve being gone but I don't want CJ to suffer :(


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CJ will appreciate your company, and often, an unbreakable mirror or life-size picture of their friend can help.

Call vets - sometimes they have leads on adoption availability.


And there is, I think, a Michigan thread in the Where Am I Where Are You forum.

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