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    May 6, 2012
    My pullets are about 12 weeks old and are healthy and happy. They are free ranging most of the day, but one of them seems to spend time alone in the coop. Any input on why this might be. I feel bad for her, missing the fun (and the food) while the rest are out foraging. There was a ruckus on the roost the other night right after they went in for the night, which also seemed to involve her, but I don't know if she started it or if they were pushing her around. Almost like having kids again!!
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    She is either bottom of the pecking order or just not one to venture out. I have a hen that wandered by herself alot. One night I locked her out. Since then she only makes brief trips out when they free range, always the first back in the coop.
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    She's probably being picked on by one or more of the others. Just encourage her to come out for treats.

    I had a loner in my original flock (production red), I felt bad for her that I was anxious when I introduced new pullets into the flock, thinking that she'd finally have a friend. NOPE. She's just mean as snot to other chickens. She would have been gone long ago if she wasn't my son's chicken. She went broody (at 3 1/2 years old) and is now raising a baby, and surprisingly, she's a good mother.

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