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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Nuzzy, Jul 7, 2010.

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    This is our first time with guineas. We raised 6 keets with most of their brooding time spent in a wired off corner of the coop. At about 10-11 weeks or so, I let them out to join the free ranging chickens. One separated from the others and spent the first night outside, while the other 5 stayed in. The first few nights were random as far as who roosted with the chickens in the coop and who stayed out. Usually 3-4 were in and 1-2 stayed out. It's now been about a week and I routinely count 5, so I'm pretty sure one is gone for good or already got picked off. However I've noticed something curious about the group. 4 now always roost inside but the fifth is kind of a toss up and usually stays out. Every morning we get to hear just the one sounding his sonar, however the others don't respond. Once out for the day, the 4 usually stay together but the fifth remains alone. It continually sends out its call, but the others usually don't respond. If the group of 4 all get separated, they reform. But loner appears to be an outsider. Worse now is loner seems to have developed a limp.

    I guess my question is; what is in store for our little loner? Will it ever try to join the others, or will it just keep sending out it's constant sonar to no avail. I really don't mind most of the noise the guineas make. Actually I find them very funny and oddly enjoyable. Just not real fond of hearing 3-4 straight hours of location chirping when it's obvious where all the others are.



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    Just a thought, but maybe the loner is a male cast out by another more dominant male in the group of 4. If you can catch him you may want to consider rehoming before he gets to the age that he won't be able to bond into a new home.

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