Long overdue chick


Sep 4, 2013
Portsmouth uk
OK this is a weird one..after having a broody sit on 9 eggs and ending up with four (long story) one chick hatched.its fine. another hatched and died and all the others died at end of gestation......or so I thought. There is one which is a hybrid that was over due and now mum has gone off boil I thought oh well thats it only to candle it and its still going....Its in an incubator now and is 32 days old.....its still wiggling about and I can see the diaphragm being poked between the egg and the air pocket.....after all the woe losing the others....is this one likely to go the same way..no its not a duck, and yes i'm definite about the day it went under the hen.... im new to this .......obviously, hatching not having Chickens.

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