Long time no see


11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
Osage Co
Its been a while and just curious if any of the old guard is still around. I think it was around 09 the last time I was on here. I am thinking of making a tractor and getting about 3 hens. My wife lost her job and we lost out little place in the country a few years back so I am trying to talk the boss into letting me build a tractor. I have an old metal frame bunkbed I think would make a good, lite, frame for a chicken tractor. Now I need to think of what kind of hen is good for eggs and is ok with a smaller space. Was thinking about the Ideal 236 or whatever they were. Would LOVE to find some Aracauna's but thats hard to pull off here in my part of Oklahoma.
It was hard letting the old property go. Being a DAV its not like I could get a 2nd job. But anyway always loved this site and if you guys/gals can think of a good breed for my situation please share your IMO

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