Longtail and Longcrower broodstock for sale ~~ Paulding County Georgia

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  1. wclawrence

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    The following birds are for sale. pictures are available if you want to see something in particular. These are the breeders I have for sale:
    (1) Denizli rooster--I used this one as a broodcock this year and have several really nice hens from him that I will be breeding next season. $25 and that is a steal
    (1) Phoenix X (asil x RIR) with chicks from the Denizli broodcock $20
    (1) phoenix X (asil / Sumatra) has a scar from dog attack, $10
    (3) Nice BBred Phoenix hens $20 each

    These are young birds that I have decided not to use after all
    a few assorted stags--free with purchase of two hens or pullets
    (2) Denizli x Game pullets $10 each
    One pair of Fibromelanotic longtails.
    (1) really mixed blue pullet, really pretty $5
    ( a few or more) Denizli x Sumatra pullets, jet black $10 each

    ask questions if you have any
    thanks for looking
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    Apr 29, 2007
    Can you post pics of the Phoenix Hens? Are they Silver or Golden? I am just getting into Phoenix and would be interested in them.
  3. wclawrence

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    The Phoenix are actually BB Red. They are from two birds that I got from Toni-Marie Astin.
    Here are a few pictures:

    The hen in front and a few of her sisters are for sale, the hen in the back is the mom and got the top of her head beat off in a fight. That is why she looks so bad.
    These are not the newest of pics but they all still look like this but with longer tails now.

    Wanted to add that my Denizli are nice layers as well as big longcrowing birds. Must see in person to appreciate.
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  4. wclawrence

    wclawrence Songster

    By the way shipping is available.
    Someone take some of these birds off my hands please.

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