Look at size difference in my chicks!!

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    [​IMG]This is a terrible picture, but here's a shot of my White Leghorn, my Sicilian Buttercup and my two itty bitty Silkies. They are all one week old. But look at how HUGE the leghorn is! She's already got well-developed tail feathers too. SO cute! I couldn't get a shot of them because she's so constantly on the move. I've never gotten leghorns before because I've heard they can be loud and aggressive, two traits NOT desired in a city hen, but I thought I'd give it a try. If she turns out to be that way, I'm sure someone else would love to give her a home where she can bully and squawk all she wants.

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    Oh, very nice! I live in the city too, and I remember my neighbours acquired a very large white chick a few months ago. Compared to its sex link companions, it was enormous. I guessed it must've been a white leghorn. Not only that, but several weeks later, we discovered it was also a rooster... :lol: Congrats on your chicks, beautiful. I hope that leghorn of yours turns out okay to keep. They're very pretty birds. ;)
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