Look at this tiny fellow.


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Hi guys, I hatched these guys out of some eggs someone gave me.

He is 1 month old in this picture.

I put the beer can in the pic so that you can see his size and he actually looks bigger in the pic than in real life.

What I find is weird is he is about half the size of his brothers and sisters. He has less feathers than all the rest of his siblings. He seems to be feathering out but not growing. He seems like he is the same size as he was when he hatched, only with feathers now.

Is it normal for a 1 month old chicken to be this tiny? Also what breed do you think he is. Thanks

I have the same situation with one of my little cochin bantam chicks. It is a little over a month old now and is just now feathering out a little more. This picture was taken when it was about 3 weeks old. It looks bigger in the picture than it really is, too. It had pasty butt for awhile and I was not sure it would make it, but it is doing alot better and is very active now. Your chick sure is cute! Good luck with her!
I have a little guy, unsure about his breed, but he is a homely little thing. He is about 6, almost 7 weeks old and is still barely feathered!
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Yes It's Possible For Them To Be That Tiny At That Age, But It Usually Means They Are Not Eating As Much As The Other Ones Are.. Some Chicks Are Just Picky Eaters Who Will Grow Slower.. Some Eat A Lot More And Tend To Grow Faster Then The Rest, Also Develop Feathers Faster.

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