Look what I found yesterday!

new 2 pfowl

Jan 13, 2012
Dunedin, NZ


9 Years
Sep 16, 2010
Pensacola, FL

You never know what you might find around here.
Is that an imperator? That has to be a bird from Rocking BAB... What a big bird I love him!!!! Is he from Wolfgang stock? How old is he? If you have a green peafowl pair from Rocking BAB I would definitely be interested in buying green peachicks from you. I love this photo so much because I love seeing the huge size difference.
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All Fowled Up!
9 Years
He is a huge 3.5 year old imperator, he is one of Elton Housely birds. I don't know their exact origination. They could have come from Josh. We don't have a hen, we intend to use him for increasing some green percentage in a few lines. He was essentially free, our find of the year. If I thought we could get a hen for a reasonable cost we might pick her up but you know me. When we had the Java pair we got maybe 6 chicks in two years. That is frustrating. I have much respect for the time and energy guys like Josh put into the green breeding programs.

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