Look what I got!!!! Can anyone tell me......?


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina
I found these on Craiglist yesterday. A lady was wanting to sell all her Runners that were not penciled in color. They were only $20 for the pair. They are not quite a year old yet. They are so funny. Haven't named them yet.
Here's my question: What color are they considered?

Do you want to sell those? (just what I would need, *more* Runners, LOL). Do you know what other color birds she had (other than Pencilled)? If you can find that out, I could probably tell you more for sure what the color is. They appear to be a really exceptionally colored pair of Lavenders. I would normally say they were Silver, but the overall color of the hen and the drake's head makes me think they have the sex-linked brown of the Lavender color (which in the Mallard breeds is basically the combination of Black, Blue, and sex-linked Brown).

They are some beauties. It is *really* hard to get them that color. The drake especially is really exceptionally colored. $20?!?! That was one heck of a steal.
Well, you definitely got a great deal! Had you got them as adults directly from Holderread's, they would have easily been ten times that amount. It is almost impossible to find a drake that color. If you breed them together, you should get more of the same. Most will come out colored like your hen though. Only a very small percentage come out that perfect color (obviously, your chances will be higher though with that drake). I would probably buy eggs from you if you have some later in the season!
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