Look where she likes to sleep


9 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Tioga County PA

That is Gracie (the eye pecker) up on that shelf. That silly girl is always getting into stuff. So glad that I screwed that shelf to the wall!
I did explain to her that she should not get comfortable up there as she won't fit there for much longer!
Thank you. She is a real sweetheart. She loves to get inside my jacket and snuggle. She would rather be held than eat treats.
The rest of them will run to what I put out and she runs straight for me.
Don't tempt me!
We kept Bluebell in for over 2 weeks when she was sick. I kind of miss having a "house chicken"

Here she is watching tv with my husband


and in bed with my younger son (not actually in bed -- he slept on the floor by her cage when she first got sick)

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Very cute pic. If I didn't gently push them aside when going in or out the back door, I'm sure they'd all be inside. Unfortunately they too are buff orps. and poop the size of small dogs....
Very cute!

When we had our first set of chickens they used to fly up onto a wooden post on the ceiling that's connected to the inside pen. We'd walk in at night to close them and find them chilling there high up we'd be afraid they'd poo on us as we walk beneath them. Eventually my father put in a wire mesh above the pen so they wouldn't do that anymore cause they always left a huge mess for us to clean up. XD

Ah, the good ol times.

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