Look who came for a visit..**pics**


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Jan 28, 2009
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Quote:They sure do! We hit more deer with our vehicles per year than a hunter kills. I think it's more humane for a hunter to kill them than disease to spread, or packs of coyotes ripping them apart. Besides that, there are many wonderful programs out there for hunters to donate venison for the hungry! You can't beat that!

but its not a cow. we eat cows because they are ugly. deer are pretty

of course i jest. If you eat meat of any kind, you might as well agree with hunting....hunting is probably more humane.
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Apr 14, 2007
For yrs. I refused to let anyone hunt on our property. Between the posions and the hunting there was no wildlife at all--unless you call crows wildlife
! AFter 17yrs, we were over run with deer--one summer they ate/killed two arces of sweet potatoes, 220 watermelon vines, 6 acres of peas, corn, sunflowers, they rolled on the okra plants, they ate all my grapes and tore down three mature vines, killed two blueberry bushes and all my raspberries! The next yrs. I let my son in law and grandson hunt, they killed three bucks 9 pointer, 8 pointer and a cow horn buck! The next yr we lost more of our veggies--and I invited another hunter and his son to come and hunt....They took several bucks as did my sil and grandson...and a doe each.. It really upsets me to see them killed but the herds need to be thinned some. We still have tons of does with the fawns and some of the biggesst bucks in the county---but they are managed... I still don't let anyone hunt for turkey, dove or quail ---they just aren't enough for my liking...

They are beautiful animals==and we plant more peas so we have enough to share...Dixie


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Jul 31, 2008
Hunters are not legally allowed to hunt on my land or the surrounding land...

It is protected land

when the conservation authority feel the herd is getting to big they will allow 1 or 2 tags but that has not been done in link 15 years

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