Looking at getting pullets and a cockerel shipped & have some Q's


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Jul 18, 2008
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Hi there!

Well I'm looking into getting 2 pullets and a cockerel shipped to me in one shipping box (not my choice hers).

These are BC marans. Is one box okay for three bc marans chicks that are 1-2 months old? I'd want them to keep eachother company but also not be squished. Im sure the breeder knows well I just want some input.

Also, she said that it will be 2 days express because of where I live. Is that okay for birds? She said that it would mean a heavier box because of needing feed and what not. Is 2 days normal and okay for young pullets and a cockerel in shipping? These birds are exactly what I want but are way too far to drive for, so shipping is really the only option. It scares me a bit so I want some exprienced knowledge from others here.

Mainly, 2 days in one box for 3 marans that are 1 and 2 months old is that safe and okay? Or does it sound like a bad idea?


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