Looking back at silly questions


8 Years
Sep 6, 2011
I was just thinking now that I have gotten used to chickens, about some of the silly things I have asked on here. Of course at the time they were not silly to me at all but now that I am more educated on it they are. So here is my challenge to you all. Reply to this thread with one of the silly questions you have asked. This is kind of a way to look back and see what all we have learned. Mine was: "I was looking at getting some of the laying hen feed. If my roosters eat this is it going to hurt them or effect the egg fertilization later on?"
I'm amused now, but when I first felt a lump in a chick's neck and breast area, I thought it was a tumor.

Instead, it was - of course!- a very full crop. A wise member suggested I check the chick again in the morning, and if it was gone, that would prove the point. If it wasn't, then come on back to BYC for some more question/suggestion time.

I am also pleased to know I wasn't the only doofus who didn't know how full baby chick crops can get at the end of the day; others have asked about the very same scary issue, since.
I think mine has was something like, "If my chicks are drooping their wings, are they too hot?" Duh... Yeah, they were too hot.

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