Looking 'fluffy' and stopped laying.


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Sep 7, 2012
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This is my first fall season with chickens... pardon if I am asking basic info. Days are shorter, nights almost to freezing now. I have a light on in the coop that goes on at 2 am, off at 9. That leaves the chicas getting 14-16 hrs of light per day. The Welsummer, who has been averaging 5-6 eggs per week for a couple of months now suddenly stopped last week, and she looks like she's fluffing herself up when she's outside. Is this her way of keeping herself warm? The other 2 are laying normally, all are behaving as usual, don't look sickly. should I be concerned or is this just normal seasonal transition. Thanks!
Yes.. If they are cold they will fluff up. Though if it is above freezing they shouldn't really fluff up..

I would not keep the light on like that though. Let them rest during the dark hours. Pullets should lay their first winter without additional lighting.
Is she eating and drinking normally? Do her poops look normal?

Some hens, even with supplemental light, will stop or decrease production in the winter. I noticed that about the Welsummer hens that I kept last winter.

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