Looking for 2 or 3 pullets...

mommas chickens

8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
Spring Creek, NV
Hi I'm looking for 2 or 3 pullets to add to my small backyard flock would prefer that they are older as my current hens are 3mths old. I was thinking Lt. Brahmas, Australorps, std. Cochins, any older hens anyone has for sale as long as they are willing to ship I would love to hear. Will pay for shipping to NV, Thanks!!
I have some young Standard Columbian Wyandotte, if interested I can check shipping rates to Nv. I would expect shipping with box and all around $55-60 that is about the average when we ship 2-3 young birds and adult bantams.

This would be the same color pattern as the Light Brahma just a wyandotte.
I am interested! I just looked on your website and your birds are beautiful!! Are the Columbians the only adolesent birds you have for sell? I saw you have cochins as well? Please let me know what the total price would be for 2 birds that will help in my decision making!! Thanks so much for your response Im so excited!!
estimated shipping costs to zip code 89815 with box was $53 and change. for a 5 lb. package express service. So 2 birds with shipping would be $65,

We do this very simply day olds start at $2.00 each and we add $0.50 per week of age with price changes every tuesday to coincide with the new hatch.

The Birds are currently 6-7 weeks of age.

I am currently sold out of cochins, however should have a new hatch that has not been reserved yet in about 4 weeks. That hatch will be a combination of blue, black and splash.
Do you sell the older chicks year round? My husband just showed up with two barred rocks not sure if I'm gonna like them or not as nice as it was of him I just wanted certain colors of chickens for my little flock, so if I decide to not stick with the barred rocks and want to purchase some older chicks from you later this summer or next spring can I do so then? Just want to be sure this isnt a one time offer? Also thanks so much for all the help! Weeks of searching and the second I find the birds I want online two birds show up on my front door.LOL. Thanks again!
We haven't shut the incubators off in over 2 years so we ussually have chicks and young birds. The offer will stand anytime you want something we might have feel free to contact us. Unfortunately prices may change some as feed prices continue to increase.

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