Looking for 6 RIR hatching eggs in MA


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Holland, Massachusetts
Hi, I am looking for nice, non-hatchery, non-production RIR hatching eggs. I only need about 6 since I want to hatch at least 2 roos. This time the roos are in demand

I am looking for someone local or willing to ship eggs to MA. Hoping to get some by 10/7/09 at the latest. Can anyone help?
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We have been blessed to have non production Rhode Island Reds. Their name is Pure Mahogany and their feathers literally glisten like well oiled mahogany furniture.Just beautiful. They were purchased from a local BYC member and breeder.

Their photo is below:

Also, please look at our ratings on the feedback forum for how we pack and respond to our orders.
Some of our most recent feedback is at the bottom of the chart as it will be alphabetized later.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information. I can send you 8 or less - whatever you need. And will be glad to ship next week.

Many thanks and have a blessed day.
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