looking for a a bit of re assurance on Wazine....


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Aug 10, 2010
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Well the ladies have worms...I have never delt with worms.... so off the the fed store I go and all they have in Wazine 17. I Follow the instructions.. one ounce per gallon. That was yesterday... I am leaving the water there for 24 hours then I take it away and replace with fresh non treated water....and after 14 days I do this again???? I am just looking for some re assurance. The girls are a bit "quiet" today and the wormer seems to be working as I have found some pretty gross piles of poo in the coop. They seem to be eating and drinking normally....there is just not a lot of chicken drama happening today

Is it normal for them to be quiet???

Mine seem to be a little "under the weather" sometimes, when I worm... for a day or two.. then they perk up.

I don't use Wazine... two or three problems with it, in my opinion.. one.. it clearly states on the label not to use it for egg laying, egg production hens... period. (so, if I used it, I would do an extra long withholding of eggs period after).
Two... It ONLY kills roundworms.. so, if you take some chicken poop to the vet and know that they only have roundworms.. then, Wazine will take care of those. Chickens get several kinds of worms.
Three... since it is added to the water.. whick chicken got the right dosage? Which one didn't get enough? Which one got too much? The ones that are acting "sickly" may have gotten a little more of the Wazine water.

If you have given Wazine once... I would get some Valbazen and dose each chicken individually, one at a time, orally with the Valbazen... it is a broad spectrum wormer and kills all types of worms. Wormed with Wazine, ten days later, worm with Valbazen.

Use the SEARCH here on BYC to search for "Worming with Valbazen"..... "how much Valbazen"... "Giving oral medications".... "Egg withholding with Valbazen", etc.
Look for posts by dawg53 -- more recent posts.. (not years old) on all subjects worming.

If your chickens are just being wormed as part of their normal rountine, this should be good.. if they have tapeworms it will take more doses of the Valbazen to get rid of them.

Second worming after ten days... not fourteen... egg withdrawal, egg withholding for fourteen days after the last worming dose.. eggs safe to eat on 25 day from start or 15th day after second worming.. Watch the poop... if you see worms or tapeworm segments, worm again with the Valbazen... ten days later... and always withhold the eggs for two full weeks more after last dose.​

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