Looking for a book I read as kid too!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Kanchii, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Lol just like Megan04! I've been wondering about this book for some time, and when I saw Megans successful thread I thought I'd give it a try too!

    I was in elementary school when I read this, I believe only 2nd grade. However, the book wasn't a typical picture book, it was a little novel, no pictures that I can remember, definitely not typical 2nd grade material, more like 5th grade I think.

    Anyway, it was about this girl with wings. When she was born, her parents asked this witch of sorts to come bless her. So the witch came and hung an owl feather over her crib. She told her parents to hang it until it was obvious that the blessing worked. She left without another word and the parents just shrugged and let it hang there. Well, the baby grew wings, and although the parents tore down the feather, the 'damage' was done. She grew up hiding her wings, strapping them down against her body and it just looked like she had a kinda bumpy back as she grew up.

    I can't remember a lot of the book, all I remember is certain tidbits... But then she eventually starts using her wings, and she goes to this place where she befriends a tree. Dunno if it was a tree sprite, or what, but she was made out of wood and all that jazz. They became friends and the tree was sad because she didn't want the winged girl to waste her life sitting there with her, since the tree sprite girl couldn't leave (root's will do that to you). So she asks the winged girl to carve her into a harp, so that she can be taken with her.

    And that's all I can remember now, but I remember being obsessed with that book in elementary school. Any help?
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    froggy went a courtin? [​IMG]

    thumbalina...no, not that one either.
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    Okay, now you have to tell us what year that might have been, so we can eliminate newer books if you're a young'un. [​IMG]
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    Hehe I am kinda a youngin (19). So it was around 1996
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    The only thing simuliar I've been able to find is "Growing Wings". Which doesn't exactly fit the book you're describing.

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