Looking for a direct link to the USDA VS17-6 Form for a breeder

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    Jun 11, 2009

    Can anyone help me. I am in Canada and am trying to help a breeder provide me the appropriate papers to cross the border with some chicks. I know that I need the VS 17-6 form provided by the USDA and am sure that there is direct link for the form on their website but can't find it. If someone has the link, please send it to me.


  2. Bantimna

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    Good Luck [​IMG]
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    The breeder has to get it from his vet. They have to do a farm inspection, they have to be NPIP certified and the USDA has to sign and return it to the breeder before the chicks leave the farm.

    If the chicks are over a day old they all have to be individually identified on the form with some kind of numbered wing band or leg band. There is not enough room on the form to list the birds indiviually, but there is room on the comments section.

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