Looking for a good book or thread on starting a breeding program


10 Years
Jan 7, 2010
Greenwood, SC
I hope I'm in the right place. I have a bunch of chickens, different breeds, and they are all together. I'd like to start breeding a few of my breeds. I'm trying to figure out (and to convince my husband to give the go ahead!) what I need to do from here. I'd like to find a good thread or book or website to discuss this. Do they always need to be separated? If not, for how long? When can you start collecting eggs? Stuff like that. I have some good base stock from good private sources on the ones I want to breed and can add to that. I have three coops connected to one large run and I'll probably keep that for my Easter Eggers and the chickens that lay the eggs I sell for consumption. I don't see any way to make that set up work for breeding. I do have a huge pasture behind my current Chicken World that I can use. Should I get a big shell of a structure and use little breeding pens/areas, tractors in the pasture (although with winter coming that might not be the best choice and I'd like to get started). Anyway.... lots of questions and looking for some good answers. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Oh, and if anyone has an idea of how to convince a husband (who makes all the money and thinks chickens are kind of a hassle) to give me a thumbs up on expanding my chicken empire, let me know! He wants to see a profitable business plan. I'm pretty sure breeding chickens won't make a bunch of money so any kind of business plan I present to him will most likely result in my downfall. I love my chickens and enjoy a challenge. Hoping that's enough for him!

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