Looking for a good coop kit? Suggestions?


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Jan 13, 2012
So I am looking for a coop kit that I can put together and is good quality. No idea who makes a good kit or what makes a good kit and I live in central illinois so shipping may be an added cost.

I would like a 3x4, 4x4, 3x5 something like that. It will be in my backyard and my wife really doesn't want something huge and eye-sore looking. I will plan on building a run since they seem pretty pricey everywhere i look.

Please help as I have 6 chicks that are 3 weeks old and I feel like they are getting cramped in the kiddy pool I have them in.

Thanks again!!
I have 10 barnies 12 weeks old in one of those foldable dog fences in my basement
You can line it with a tarp secured with zip ties
I change out shavings every 2 weeks
If you did this it would buy you some time
Where do you live?? Budget???
Well I was going to get a red eglu cube but they are sold out until january. So what are the amish ones?
DIY hoop coop or a (covered) 4'X6' dogpen with a good doghouse. Also need hardware cloth around the bottom to keep coons from reaching in and killing them.
HOOP COOP (About $200. Instructions on youtube.)

(I'm guessing this one would cost less than $100)

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