Looking for a good meat bird????


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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Hello all, I currently have a flock of 13 rhode Island reds, 1 roo and 12 hens. They are wonderful birds and keep me and my family well stocked with eggs, with a few left over to sell. I would like to add some meat birds and am thinking about light brahmas but thought I would ask everyone here and get some advice. So what is the best meat bird? Also, if I let my RIRs cross with meat birds what might I expect to get? Would they be good egg layers and a bigger bird?


6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
If you want meat birds, you should probably get Cornish Cross. They have been bred for meat and are the best bird if you want to raise birds for meat. They grow quickly, reaching at least 5 pounds by 8 weeks old.

Light Brahmas get large, but they grow slowly. You'll put a lot of feed into them before they are ready to slaughter. Cornish Cross are more feed efficient.

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