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Aug 26, 2009
Bay Area
Hi! With a heavy heart and a sad note, we need to find a home for four of our chickens, which are near and dear to us. We are hoping for a good home. We had a visit from our backyard neighbor with some complaints. We have 1 Rhode Island Red, 1 Americana, 1 New Jersey Giant, Golden Laced Wyandotte.

Please let me know if interested.

One of my chickens was killed yesterday by a neighbor's dog in my front yard, and I'm considering getting a rebound chicken to help cope. Where are you located and how old are your hens? Would you post pictures?
Re-reading my post, I realize I may have come across as heartless. I've actually been devastated about it since it happened, and I'm dehydrated from all the crying I've done. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years and keep chickens for their eggs and companionship, and it broke my heart to lose Stella so suddenly. My chickens have a big, secure, coop and they free-range with supervision for about an hour a day. The neighbor's dog had never gotten loose like that before, and I don't think they knew he had it in him. I'm being extra cautious with my 4 remaining girls now, and we're all a little shook up. I don't know if introducing a new hen is the right thing to do, but I also want to help another hen or two (Stella was a rescue), so I would like to know more about your girls.

I have room for your chickens and will be happy to take them. We live in Mendocino County and have raised chickens for the past four years. The breeds you have are not what I had planned to increase my flock with (my last RIR turned assertive) but I always prefer to adopt animals in need and I would be happy and grateful to take them if they are still available. We don't butcher our birds ever, and have had minor predator issues but it is to be expected because we free range our backyard chickens letting them out in the morning and tucking them in at night. The exception to this is when our security system will be gone for an extended period with us (a very loving/protective Chicken Mama former Search and Rescue German Shepherd) then they are in a sizable run with large coop.

Please, let me know if you would like us to adopt your pets and we can make arrangements. Thanks for considering us.

[email protected]
707-272-6616 (texts are ok, also)

I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss! And I don't think your post was heartless at all, poor Stella. It sounds like you are doing what you can to keep them safe and it was just a terrible accident.

I used to be intimidated by birds, then the family ran out of eggs one day and the rest is history. They are so unique and such individuals and I know what you mean about crying yourself dry; they really do find a special place in your heart.

Best wishes.

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