looking for a nice chicken diaper!


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May 23, 2011
i've seen many of them and am not sure what to get. i need something that is easy to clean, and wont get my girl dirty
but it can't have to be washed in a washing machine because my parents would murder me. any help would be appreciated! she is 4 weeks old right now, and i want to get one ordered for her soon.
as for why, this darling little chick is my baby. she always wants my attention, every time i open the brooder she jumps up to me, or chirps until i pick her up. she often sits on my shoulder around the house, but this is a problem because of the poop...so i really want to get a diaper for her

thanks for the help, we will both appreciate it
i would love one that comes with a leash attachment too. thanks in advance

EDIT: i was thinking this one, how does it look to you guys? http://www.hensaver.com/Hen-Holster.html
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Yes that one looks good. I bought one from My Pet Chicken, and while it is easy to put on and fits, it has a vinyl lining that does not come out and is very stiff and they don't want to walk around with it on. I also tried one from Indoor Ducks.com who also makes them for chickens, but these are really for ducks because they have heavy clips on them that chickens are NOT interested in. So I think you picked out a good one. Let us know how it works, if you try it.

deb g
alright cool, i'm going to try this one out then
it'll be a few weeks before my girl can wear it, but i will most certainly post pics when she can. anyone have an idea of what size i should get for an ameraucana?

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