Looking for a Nubian Doe (goat)


10 Years
Jan 29, 2009
Does anybody know were we can get a hold of someone who sells Nubian does?

We are interested in this breed and it they are hard to come by or sell out quickly. We live in Indiana.

Thanks in Advance
I did a quick search using Google and found a long list of breeders. Since I do not know where in Indiana, I thought it would be better to just recommend you doing a search. I used the words, "Nubian goats indiana."

I do not know if these breeders are good, but I bet you could check with the AGDA if you wanted registered breeders. I would find out as much as possible about the breeders and farm before putting money on a goat, though.

You may need to put a deposit on a doe before they are born. It's kidding time of year, so one should be available.
If you want to travel to Pennsylvania- I can give you the contact info of a breeder. Her nubians win top place at the farm show every year.

Oh, and did I mention we have 3 of her goats?
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try bestfarmbuys.com click on your state and on goats and you should find some~ Shari

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