Looking for a pair of Old English game/ blue laced Wyandotte bantams


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Aug 24, 2011
Hi there, we are looking for a show quality pair of Old English game banties (wheaten preferred) and a pair of blue laced Wyandotte bantams. Please e-mail me if you know where we can find these birds, thanks!
Hi, we have one old english game (wheaten) hen, but I think she's a standard size. She's supposed to be one of our egg laying hens, but she's broody and hangs out in the nest box sitting on all the other eggs.

We have another one that is half wheaten (darker head).

If you want I can take a pic of her sometime. But I think you said you wanted bantams ?

We do have black-breasted red old english game bantams for sale (they are show quality). I think the breeder we bought them from has wheaten ones. I'll try and have my son track down his e-mail for you when he gets back from his trip (on Sun.)

Lisa, yep, definitely want the bantam. Could you send me pics of your OEG for sale?
Actually I don't need them that soon, my son is just showing them locally, at the County Fair, he is planning on breeding them for his next year's project.
I can definetly help you with birds for next year, shipping will be shut down here till Oct. if you are interested at that point let me know I will have a few very nice Wheaton Cockrells and Pullets that at present would be show ready in Dec. for pullets and Feb. for cockrells.
I still have my breeder pens set and running for spring show pullets but will be shutting them down soon but restart for next years cockrells in Oct.
I have some b/b/s OEGB bantam youngsters. Currently I have 2 black pullets, 3 blue cockerels, and 1 silver blue cockerel.
Hi again ! I asked my son and he said that this top breeder had "Blue Wheaten" OEG. I knew they looked blonde. But I guess that's not quite just "Wheaten."

He may know of someone with just Wheaten OEG bantams. He's pretty well known in the chicken show circuit. I bet he could point you in the right direction.

Just PM me and I'll send you his e-mail address.

BTW, all our pics are on our website. Check it out when you get a chance !

Good luck with your search and sorry we don't have what you are looking for.

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