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    Hello everyone, I'm getting 6 new birds from a egg farm, they're in rough shape so I want to keep them separate to make sure they aren't diseased. However my existing coop is very tight quarters so I'll probably need to build a temporary coop for the 6 new birds. I'm hoping for a plywood, wire, and maybe some 2x4 small temporary coop. I've never built one before, does anyone have any plans or pointers to share? Thanks

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    Get a book on how to build a shed. It will take just a few modifications to make that into a really good coop. Talk to your librarian about a book you can check out. If there isn’t one in the library they should be able to order one for you. An alternative is to buy a book about it at Lowe’s or Home Depot.
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    That would be good, but the only problem is I don't have time to plan lol the birds were last minute and needed a home, they'll be here in 2 days lol.
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    Use the common dimensions of lumber to your advantage. Walls with dimensions of 4 or 8 feet will result in less waste and minimal cuts.

    A single slope roof will come together quickly. For a small, emergency coop, use rafter braces rather than cutting birdmouth joints to save time.
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    Experience (and proper basic tools) definitely would make a difference! Like TalkAlittle said, a 4x8x4 no-frill box with a plastic panel roof can be build in 1/2 day. It would be big enough and keep the flock safe. Add Windows, pitched roof, and bells and whistles in your pace.
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    You can try making one out of pallets. Most companies get rid of theirs after shipments, and they are a great combination with plywood.
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    Thank all y'all for the quick and extremely helpful comments, I was able to just make some quick easy mods to my coop run to accommodate them. They're in rough shape, cataracts, lots of missing feathers, and pale pale skin/combs. Hopefully a little tlc and space will fix their troubles. They're troopers though, still laying eggs strong[​IMG]

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    It's nice that you are caring for those poor birds. If you need more space, the hoop coops look quick and cheap. There are several examples here if you do a search for them. Good luck!
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    I was under the impression you wished to quarantine them in case they carried anything contagious.

    The cataracts make me go "hmm?". I thought I recall reading that cataracts is one of the lasting effects of some viral infection. I hope the birds aren't carriers of something nasty.
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