Looking for advice from experienced hatchers Pic Heavy!!!!


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Apr 3, 2012
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I have had a couple of bad hatches, and no good ones... so I am looking for people to critique if I should change the humidty, leave it alone, or any ther advice! Thanks in advance!
Need a little history before we can give you advise as to what you will/should change about your incubation.

What have your settings been on your temperatures, humidity and egg turning?
Maybe your eggs are not fertile??

Let us know and we can answer any question and give you advise.
I have a Hovabator 1588 (preset temp). The last hatch was too high humidity, so I have kept this one no higher than 55 and no lower than 32 (mostly 45-55). I have an auto turner and am wondering about the air sac/growth areas. There are a few that had movement so I know some at least are good. Thanks!
Here is a picture of one of my eggs from my last hatch. If I remember correctly it was also taken around day 7. You can clearly see the embyo and the veins spreading out around the egg.

I don't see this with the pictures of the eggs you are showing.

I use a homemade incubator that I made from a cooler. It has a 4" dia. computer fan and a water heater thermostat to control the temperature.
I incubate my eggs at a temp of 100.2°F on average and I kept the humidity between 32% to 38% this last hatch.
I turn my eggs 3 times a day during the week as I am at work most of the day and on weekends I will turn up to 5 times a day if I am home as I don't have an automatic turner I do it by hand.
Candling the eggs I do on day 7, 10 and then usually anytime I feel like checking the eggs and then I do it for the last time at lock down.
For lockdown I up the humidity to between 60-65%. Once the eggs begin to hatch the humidity will go up to between 70-80% depending on how many eggs are zipping at one time.

You haven't indicated how far you normally get with you incubation, how many eggs you incubate and if you open up the eggs that you remove from the incubator to see how far along they have developed.

What is happening to your chicks before they hatch?
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Well I've only incubated three times, so I am still very new. I have had different issues each time, for example my LG crashed hatch day the first time and o
None hatched due to the freezing temps. The second and third time I think I over humidified and am trying to correct that. The veins in many of the pics didn't show on the pictures, so I was wondering a lot abou t the air sac issue. Thanks for all the help. It is nice to have people help you adjust during the incubation period ;)
Day 11
So I am not sure I got a picture of this, but on one of the ones I checked it looked like the air sac was in the middle and on one side, as opposed to the top pointy end... There was movement and veins in it and just wondered if this means that one might have trouble, or not to be concerned! Thanks :)

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